Meet Victoria

Victoria Seaman is driven by a desire to make a difference. She sees a problem and she is immediately seeking a solution. This internal drive has served her well for more than 30 years as a mother, wife, businesswoman, elected leader, and community advocate.

Her strong entrepreneurial nature and keen eye for detail are leadership attributes that have afforded her success in both business and politics. Before entering public service, she created and managed day spas, and successfully designed and manufactured a high-end product line for Estheticians. She successfully sold those businesses in 2004 and 2009.

As a community advocate, Victoria spent 6 years advocating for conservative issues such as lower taxes, less government regulations for small business owners, and school choice. In this time period, she also gave many volunteer hours to her church and not-for-profits.

In 2014, armed with a reputation as a hard-working conservative, she decided to run for Nevada State Assembly. Faced with a blue district, no one believed she could win a seat in the district where she lived. It was a 12% Democrat-leaning district that had never been held by a Republican. With a lot of hard work walking the district more than 3 times, she became the first Republican Latina elected to the Nevada Legislature in state history. She represented Assembly District 34, served as Assistant Majority Whip, and was the Vice Chair of the Commerce and Labor Committee.

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