Practical Solutions over Failed Policies of the Past!


Public Safety

Public safety has always been and will be priority number one for our citizens and the forty million tourists who visit our city annually.

I will continue to work closely with our Governor, Sheriff, State Legislators, local officials, and non-profits to keep our community safe. I have been advocating and working with legislators and judges for more severe penalties for violent and organized crimes. Most importantly, it is essential to ensure Metro has the tools to keep the public and our officers safe. I aim to fix distressed areas, keep the camping ban in place, and continue to support and advocate for more recovery and mental health care.



Transportation infrastructure is necessary for both a functioning economy and the public’s quality of life. As Mayor, I will work with County, State, and Federal officials to ensure that our cities’ infrastructure needs are met.


Supporting Our Local Businesses

As a small business owner, I understand the challenges. On Day One, as your mayor, I will conduct a regulatory review of all business regulations and work with the City Council to reduce red tape, saving taxpayers from burdensome regulations and helping small businesses expand their profit margins. Our job as public servants in the local government is to help companies to flourish, not stifle them. They are the bread and butter of our economy and job creators. Everyone should be able to bring their dream to reality by creating their own business without fear of government overreach.


Community Needs

As Mayor, I will continue to work with recovery non-profits, ensuring they have the resources needed to help those recovering from mental health and substance abuse disorders. I will also expand and continue our work at the “Corridor of Hope Courtyard,” offering wrap-around services for the unhoused.


Affordable Housing

As mayor, I will prioritize working with builders to develop incentives that expand affordable housing opportunities in our community by streamlining the permitting processes, supporting tax incentives, and innovative financing options to encourage the development of workforce housing projects. The most common incentive is to offer zoning variances to expand housing construction. I will continue to find innovative solutions to our city’s housing challenges.

As a growing city with Creech Air Force Base in our backyard, I will continue encouraging development projects to include military and workforce housing.



As part of the 2015 State Legislature, we approved the entire UNLV School of Medicine funding. As a growing city, it is essential to have world-class medicine, and my goal as a City Councilwoman has been to bring a stand-alone Children’s Hospital. Having a child who needed around-the-clock medical care and spent the first year of her life in and out of a hospital, I know the challenges. Too many parents travel to surrounding states for medical care for their children. The last thing a parent should have to do when their children face a life-threatening illness is travel. As Mayor, I will make this a reality.


Animal Welfare

As Ward 2 Councilwoman, I worked tirelessly to expose the mistreatment and unnecessary euthanization of our animals by our contracted partner, the Animal Foundation. While we are still under contract until 2025, we were able to buy back the Lied building and will monitor them for the remainder of the contract. We will offer a Request for Proposal for a new partner this year. I will work closely during that process to guarantee our contracts allow us to ensure our animals are properly cared for.


Together, We’ll Ensure Las Vegas Remains A Community
We Are Proud To Call Home