As the proven conservative in the race you can count on me to:

Defend the Second Amendment

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and fought hard in the Assembly to protect those rights. I am a Conceal-Carry holder and believe that an armed society is a safe society.

During my term in the Assembly I primary-sponsored many bills to protect our 2nd Amendment rights including allowing those who foster children to be allowed to own firearms; Nevada was restricting those who worked in law enforcement and law-abiding gun owners from those rights simply because they fostered children. I sponsored many others, one which led to better reciprocity with other states and the end to the “Blue Card” registration in Nevada. I fought to allow students to protect themselves on campuses and will continue to fight for law-abiding citizens to own and carry firearms.

I am a member of the NRA and as an elected official had an A rating in 2015.

Oppose Higher Taxes – Oppose Bigger Government

As a business owner for over 25 years, I understand what taxing and regulating does to job creators. I was only one of 13 that voted against the largest tax hike in Nevada history (commerce tax). I am not afraid to stand with Nevadans for what is right. Too many politicians can only think of their next election. I am a Businesswoman who wants to bring commonsense solutions to DC, not a politician who needs a paycheck or a career. I have spent my life balancing a budget and finding solutions. Government is too big with out-of-control spending. It is time to eliminate unnecessary government.

Secure our Nation’s Borders

America First! We are a country for the Rule of Law. We are a sovereign country that needs to secure our borders in order to protect our citizens. We need to enforce our laws and hold accountable those who break the law—not reward them! Sanctuary states and cities should be held accountable by withholding federal funds. In my term as an Assemblywoman, I was one of 11 that voted against a resolution to Congress for a pathway to citizenship for illegals (SJR21). I believe we need comprehensive reform for legal immigration, based on merit, ending lottery and chain migration.

Support Healthcare Reform

The American healthcare system has been broken for a long time and deserves the utmost attention from lawmakers.

I will vote to fully repeal Obamacare and will work with my fellow Republicans to replace it with a free-market system that will deliver competition, causing overall prices to be lower with further decreases over time.

Free-market capitalism is the pride of our nation, and implementing the same principles in our healthcare system will far out-perform other countries with socialized medicine, especially in terms of medical technology and new drugs coming to market.

The U.S. should have the best available healthcare in the world. Our doctors have the best medical training and medical technology that is on the cutting edge of research, all because of our free market principles.

Citizens should be given the freedom to have insurance or to not have insurance; to choose what they want covered and not covered; to see whatever doctor they want; and to seek out any service they may want or need. The already bloated government should not force taxpayers to buy a healthcare service that they do not want or will not use.

Support our Veterans

I am from a long line of veterans and understand firsthand the issues families of veterans face. I am the granddaughter of a National Guardsman, daughter of a man who served in the Navy, and the wife of a Marine. My husband also spent two tours in Afghanistan, and served in Iraq on special contract, helping me to understand the experience of a loved one in a war zone.

During my term in the Assembly I was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the United Veterans Legislative Council for recognition and sincere appreciation of outstanding service and assistance in the 78th Legislative Session making the State of Nevada the leader in the Nation in the support of veterans programs and activities dedicated to making Nevada the most veteran-friendly state in the union. I will continue this work in Washington DC. My experience will help with mending the disconnect of state and federal law so we don’t find our deployed soldiers caught up in worrying about losing their homes or other issues that may affect them. I will work to make sure our veterans and their families get the health care and benefits they deserve.